Design Philosophy
The Land, the Golf Course, and the Player...

The Thompson Golf Planning philosophy recognizes that the land and course must be seamlessly merged to provide the player a challenging, yet user friendly and aesthetically pleasing course that fits and blends into the natural character of the land.

Our golf course philosophy is to design each course to take advantage of the site's natural or environmentally sensitive areas while encouraging all levels of play.

The articulation of this philosophy is to provide a course that allows the golfer to see the shot character in order to visualize play and make a club selection. Elevated tees, bunkers, mounds, swales, water features, vegetation, natural wetlands, etc. all set up the shot as the golfer sequences play from tee, to fairway to green. Smoothly shaped tees and greens create the beginning and end to each fairway's play. Greens should be visible, framed by bunkers, mounds, water, trees and other natural looking features that will dictate the club choice for a variety of approach shots.

With each green designed to have graceful lines, a different character and contouring that provides for multiple pin placement, the green can create just as stimulating a stroke or be as much of a hazard as can fairway features.

In creating a playable course, each round of golf should use each and every club in the bag. The demographics will require versatility of the golf course to meet the needs of everyone, ranging from the young and beginner to the tournament quality player. This can dictate a 5 tee box scenario that allows for the golfer of every skill level to have a challenging yet fair, rewarding and pleasurable experience.

In the belief that the "hands on" approach to golf course planning and architecture will provide the best product possible within site and financial constraints, the design through construction process receives personal attention. This is especially important during construction, when frequent site visits provide the necessary review to ensure that the quality of the course meets the objectives of the project.

TGP, Ltd. creates courses that stand the test of time; that challenge, reward and are a pleasurable experience for the player, maintaining interest and the desire to play the course round after round.

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Golf Course
Golf Course

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