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The Golf Channel

October 8, 1996

Peter L. H. Thompson
Thompson Planning Group, Ltd.
2175 E. Francisco Blvd. Suite A
San Rafael, CA 94901

Mr. Thompson,

It is with great pleasure that I send along these video copies of The Golf Channel's Coverage of The Nike Olympic Open. Without a doubt Indian Summer Golf and Country Club will long be remembered by our crew as one of the most splendid stops on our trip across the country. Sunday was spectacular and I hope you agree the golf course looked magnificent on television.

It is rare that everyone involved with a golf tournament agrees on every aspect of the event, but one thing is certain, the praise for Indian Summer was unanimous. I also wanted to thank you for spending some time with us in the broadcast booth on Saturday. Please enjoy our coverage and give me a call if there is anything else we can do for you at anytime in the future.

With Best Regards,

Keith Hirshland
Producer, Live Tournament Coverage
The Golf Channel

Golf Investment Advisors

June 3, 1996

Thompson Planning Group
c/o Mr. Peter Thompson
2175 E. Francisico Blvd. Suite A
San Rafael, CA 94901

Dear Mr. Thompson:

Ever since I heard you speak at one of the Crittenden Conferences, I've wanted to tell you how much I supported your unique concept of combining the land planning and design discipline under one professional, thereby optimizing those two important functions. That concept was made vividly clear to me when I saw your Indian Summer golf course south of Tacoma, WA. I was not only impressed by both the design and the land plan, but perhaps more impressive to me were the positive comments that came from two independent PGA professionals from that area.

Your special treatment of these two important aspects of golf course development is one of the first innovative contributions that has come to golf course architecture in many years. I hope you will continue your contributions to our industry.

Finally, I very much appreciate the time you have given me over the last few years, your insight and incisiveness has enabled me to serve my clients more effectively.


Al. Bechtel, President

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