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Thompson Golf Planning creates golf courses that allow for the blend of golf course amenities with other mixed land uses to provide a community facility that is usable, enjoyable and stimulating to the user. When the golf course is blended into the land and allows other land uses to take advantage of the amenities that a golf course provides, a truly unique project is achieved.

In order to successfully benefit from a golf course with associated land uses, one must keep certain precepts in mind as the project progresses. Land selection can be critical as to size, configuration, topography, soil conditions, natural features and environmental issues such as wetlands or habitats that decrease usable land for production. The golf course should be integrated into the existing land, and adjacent land uses, as much as the overall land character will allow, in order to create harmony and balance between the golf course and other land uses. The benefits of other land uses to the course, such as storm water retention, filtering and polishing of storm water run-off and wild life sanctuaries, can greatly enhance the overall development.

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